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  1. Hi Marion, blogging classmate. We faced similar choices, though founded on different specific problems. We bit the bullet and sent our son to private schools (Hoosac and Darrow) from 8th grade through college. We figured- public school was not going to work. We figured- we don’t have a lot of time before he’s beyond where it would make a difference. We borrowed money for some of the college expenses and repaid over many years.
    Where I teach at RPI there are formal mechanisms for helping students with dyslexia and other disabilities. I don’t know if Hoosac or Darrow have that, but it is worth a look since at least they are closer.

    Harry Roy


    1. Thanks for the reply and information Harry. It seems like higher education, with the ADA, is better equipped for reading differences than K-12. I think Darrow could be a possibility for high school. Our daughter has a complex learning profile, which isn’t that different from many other kids, but it seems like it’s the intense one-on-one Orton-Gillingham tutoring that makes all the difference for her.

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